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Northeast Ohio’s Foremost Strategic Planning Experience

Strategic Planning:
Essential Skills for Business and Leadership Growth 

Building successful companies through strategic thinking, vision and execution since 1979


Is your business as profitable as it could be? 

Do you spend too much time working in your business instead of on your business?

Are you working too hard/too many hours?


Strategic Planning will help you overcome obstacles while building a solid foundation for growth through executive level business education and relationships with peers and advisors.


Why this Course is a Must

A well designed strategic plan can improve business performance, increase profits and focus your efforts.  Working with class instructors and your personal mentor, you will examine every element of your business, outline goals and performance objectives, create an action plan and lay out the expected results.

Additionally, you will work with peers and advisors to address common challenges that face many business:

  • Managing growth

  • Succession planning

  • Securing capital

  • Adapting to rapidly changing markets

  • Finding and hiring the right people

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Strategic Planning: Essential Skills for Business and Leadership Growth is a ten session, results-oriented process that delivers a concentrated executive level business education focused on your business.  Based on your business type, you will be matched with a course alumnus who will serve as your mentor and attend each of the ten Saturday morning class sessions with you.


With the guidance of your mentor and support of your peers, your goals will come into focus as you explore issues such as:

  • Your company mission – is it focused, supportive of your strategic goals and well understood throughout your organization?

  • Your strengths and weaknesses – organizationally, by product and by market and their alignment with external opportunities and threats.

  • Customers – do you understand why they buy from you?

  • Products and services – how are you positioned against your competition?  What is your strategy for differentiation?

  • Does your company culture support your mission?

  • Management and compensation systems - are they supporting your goals?

Quality of life – are you getting what you want out of your business?

"Participating in the Strategic Planning Course over 20 years ago was the most satisfying, moving and impactful  experience over my 40 years of being in business.  

The format and information provided  throughout the course furnished a unique opportunity for listening, discovering and engaging with MBA professors, other business owners and managers that resulted in new ideas, practical solutions and action plans that would not have been possible without this experience.  

We actually altered who we sold to and how we did business and that resulted in us achieving a higher level of profitability as well as sustainability for the long-haul.  Lessons learned!" 

Mark K. Bassett

President, General Manager

Bassett Sprinkler Protection, Inc

ABOUT the Strategic Planning Course

Dr. Jeffrey C. Susbauer and Dr. Robert J. Baker, Jr. created the original SPC curriculum in 1979 with the support of Jack Bares of the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE).  They co-taught the course as the COSE Strategic Planning Course for the next 34 years.  After Dr. Baker passed away in 2014, Dr. Susbauer revamped and updated the curriculum and continued to provide the course through COSE.  Following the 2017-18 program, the course became a stand-alone entity named SPC 3.0 and now delivers the Essential Skills for Business and Leadership Growth program in partnership with COSE,  the small business division of the region’s chamber of commerce The Greater Cleveland Partnership.

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