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The SPC Alumni Companies


A. H. Marty Company

A. LoPresti & Sons, Inc.

A.L.C.M., Inc.

A.R.V. Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.

A-1 Nursing Care

Aable Rental Co.

ABC Motor Credit/DBS Financial

Abel Truck & Automotive Supply

ACCROMA ('VGU Industries)

ACO Polymer Products

Acor Orthopedic, Inc.

Acroment Technologies

ACRT, Inc.

Adams Automatic, Inc.

Adcom Communications

Ad-Man Graphics, Inc.

Advance Excavating Co.

Advanced Audiology Concepts

Advanced Computer Connections

Advanced Server Management Group, Inc.

Advanced Tire, Inc.

Advantage Equipment

Advantage Motor Works

AdvizeX Technologies, LLC

Aetna Plastics

Aexcel Corp.

Ahola Payroll

Akron Brick & block Co., Ltd.

Albert E. Silberman & Co.

Albert Herman Draperies

All Seasons Paper Company

Alladin's Baking Company

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Allied Tool & Die, Inc.

Allied Witan Co. 

Alpha Builders, Inc.

Alphaport, Inc. 

Aluminum Coating Manufacturers

Ambiance, Inc.

American Culinary Concepts

American Endowment Foundation

American Foam Products, Inc.

American Interior Design

American Punch

American Research Products 

America's Lending Solutions

Anderson and Co.

Andrews Moving & Storage Co.

Applied Companies LLC 

Applied Laser Technologies

Applied Specialties, Inc.

Arris, Weber, Murphy Fox

Arter & Hadden

ArtForms, Inc.

ASI Sign Systems

Assembly Tool Specialists

Atlantic Tool & Die Co.

August Mack Environmental

Automotive Specialty Services

Aurelian Corp.

Automatic Stamp Products, Inc.

Automation Fastening Co., Inc.

Axios Foundation

B & H Ventures LLC

Baehr, Greenleaf & Associates, Inc.

BankOne Greater Cleveland

Barker Products

Bassett Sprinkler Protection, Inc.

Bay Corporation

Beckett Gas, Inc.

Belenky Inc.

Bellegoni, Inc., CPA

Ben's Auto Body Specialists

Berea Casting, Inc.

Berson-Sokol Agency, Inc.

Bettcher Manufacturing

BGI Enterprises Inc.

Bioplastics Co. Inc.

Bissell Maple Farm

Bissett Industries, Ltd.

Bizall DBA/Promote-U-Graphics

Blonder's Inc.

Blonder's Paint and Wallcovering

Bob Schuler Painting

Boehm Pressed Steel Co.

Boiler Specialists

Bomar Crafts Inc.

Botson Insurance Group

Bowden Manufacturing Corp.

Bowes Manufacturing, Inc.

Boyer Signs & Graphics, Inc.

Braden Sutphin Ink

Brightwood Animal Hospital

Broco Products

Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

Brunswick Companies

Buckeye Painting & Decks

BudgetEase, LLC

Budzar Industries, Inc.

Bula Forge

Bush Integrated, Inc.

Business Deposits Plus

Business Training Systems

C. A. Litzler Co., Inc.

Callanetics Studios of Cleveland

CAM, Inc.

Capstone Media Group

Cardwell Group

Carey Construction

Carney Construction Company

Carron Asphalt Paving, Inc.

Casnet Imaging

Castite Systems, Inc.

Catacel Corp.

CCF Health Care Ventures, Inc.

Central Electric Supply Co.

Central Graphics

Chagrin Falls Department Stores

Chagrin Valley Plumbing, Inc.

Chalfant Sewing Fabricators, Inc.

Champion Personnel System, Inc.

Champion Rivet Co.

Charles. E. Phipps Co.

Chemical Methods, Inc.

Chemsultants International Network

Christopher Layne Foods, Inc.

ChromaScape Inc.

Cinecraft Productions

Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.

Clark Cable

Clark Insulation Services, Inc.

Classic Marble Company

Clearwater Healthcare Services, Inc.

Cleveland Bottle & Supply Co.

Cleveland Clinic Home Care Services

Cleveland Clinic Medicare Certified Agency

Cleveland Glass Block, Inc.

Cleveland Ignition Company

Cleveland Interiors, Inc.

Cleveland Machine Controls

Cleveland Oak Inc.

Cleveland Plumbing Supply

Cleveland Track Material, Inc.

Cleveland Valve & Gauge Company

Climate-Tech, Inc.

Climax Metal Products Company

Clinical Health Laboratories, Inc.

CMK, Inc.

Cohen & Co.

Coit Services

Collins Equipment Corp.

Colortone Audio-visual Staging & Rental

Columbia Building Products

Commercial Transportation

Commerical Electric Products Corp.

Communtiy Care Ambulance

Compass Payroll Services

Complete Appliance

Compliance Technologies, Inc.

Comprehensive Wood Products Inc.


Conrad-Kacsik Instrument Systems, Inc.

Consulting Industrial Services

Control Concepts of Ohio

Conveyer & Caster- Equipment for Industry

Cook Paving & Construction


Cowden Humphrey

Cozier Lumber & Box


Criterion Tool & Die, Inc.

Crowley Company

CTRAC Computer Services

Cumberland Diversified Metals Corp.

Custom Brokers, Inc.

Custom Clutch

Custom Fabricators, Inc.

Custom Materials, Inc.

Custom Products Corporation

Custom-Pac Extrusions

Cutting Edge Technologies

Cuyahoga Chemical Company

Cuyahoga Valley Management Inc.

CWC Industries, Inc.

D.G. International Recording

Daniel A. Glick, DDS, Inc.

Daniels Distribution

Darrell A. Young Corporation

Datapro Systems International, Inc.

Datapro Systems, Inc

DIS Computers

DBC Incorporated

DBF Enterprises, Inc.

DCD Technologies

Delly Business Machines, Inc.

Deluxe Heating & Cooling Inc.

DeSantis Coatings

Designer Accents, Inc.

Designs of Distinction

DeSplinter & Co.

Diabetic Promotions

Dialoguer, Inc.

Die Cast Dies


Direct Recruiters 

Dise & Company

Diversified Piping & Mechanical, Inc.

Diversified Services Corporation

DMA Group, Inc.

Domino Logistics

Donley's, Inc.

Dorn Color, Inc.

Doty & Miller Architects & Planners, Inc.

Douglass & Associates Co., LPA

Dover Concrete

Dover Hydraulics

Drabik Manufacturing, Inc.

Dreco, Inc.

Dreison International, Inc.

Drop Dies & Forgings Co.

Duffy and Associates, Inc.

Dunlop & Johnston, Inc.

Dun-Rite Construction

Duvin, Cahn & Hutton 

DynaMotors, Inc.

E. F. Boyd & Son

E. S. Schmith, Inc.

ECP Corp./Polycase

Edelman Plumbing Supply


Electro Analytical Group

Elliott Electric

Elliott Leasing & Sales

Elsons International

Ely Enterprises, Inc.

Elyria Foundry Company

EMD Duellman Electric Supply

Encore Manufacturing

Ensign Products Co., Inc.

Entasis Inc.

Envalo, Inc.

Environmental Wall Systems, Ltd.

Envisage Environmental


Ericson Manufacturing

Estabrook Corporation

Euclid Universal Corp.

Evans Mold Engineering, Inc.

Excel Air Tool Co., Inc.

Exchange Plastics Corporation

Executive Network Consultants

EZ-Snap Baseboard Heater Covers

F. M. Systems, Inc.

Fab Form Inc.

Faith Tool & Mfg. Inc.

Falcon Industries Inc.

Family Dental Care

Famous Enterprises Inc.

Faretec Inc.

Fashion Wall Covering

Fastway Service

FEMC, Inc.

Fenco Truck Accessories

Fidelty Alarms

Fire Protection Engineering

Firesafety Solutions

First Security Mortgage

Flack Steel, Ltd.

Fluid Systems Service, Inc.

Flynn’s Tire

Food Equipment Manufacturing Corp

Foote Printing

ForTec Medical Inc.

ForTec On-Sight 

Foti Construction

Frantz Ward LLP

Fredon Corporation

Fre-Mar Industries

Functional Building Supply

Fussy Cleaners

G. Thanks Gifts

G.I.E. Incorporated Publishers

G2G Consulting

Gallovic, Granito & Co. Ltd.

Gary S. Kohn, Inc.

GearTec Inc.

General Crane Rental

General Pest Control Co.

Genie Repro

Gerow Equipment Company

Gilfether & Associates, Inc.

Gillmore Security Systems

Global Cooling, Inc.

GMT Resources

Good Nature Organic Lawn Care

Goode & Associates, Inc.

Goodnature Organic Lawn Care 

Gorman-Lavelle Corp.

Gould Associates


Grafix, Inc.

Grant Thornton, LLP

Green Paper Products, LLC

Greer Group

Gregory Alonso, Inc.

Growth Strategies, Inc.

H. Goodman, Inc.

Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

Hallmark Management Associates, Inc.

Harner Plumbing

Harris Information Source International

HDC Inc.

Health Aid of Ohio, Inc.

Health Care Review Systems

Health Design Plus

Hemlock Landscapes, Inc.

Henderson Personnel, Inc.

Henderson Roofing and Construction

Herold Salads Inc.

Hersh Exterminating Svc., Inc.

Hexter & Associates

HI TecMetal Group, Inc.

Highland Group Industries

Hill Manufacturing Corp.

Hinkley Lighting 

Hi-Star Casting Co.

Holmes Manufacturing Corporation

Home Care Products

HQ Business Centers

Hudson Integrated Products, Inc.

Hudson Printing

Huntington Bank

Huntington National Bank

H-W Fairway, Inc.

HWH Architects Engineers Planners, Inc.

Hydracrete Pumping Co., Inc.

Hydro-Pac, Inc.

Hydrosol System, Inc.

Hydro-Tech Services

Hydrovac Division of HTG

Hy-Production, Inc.

IBM Corp.

Identiphoto Company LTD

Illes Construction Co.

Impact Communications

Imperial Metal Solutions

Industrial House

Indy Equipment & Supply

Information Radio Technology Inc.

Innovative Sales Strategies

Integrated Business Systems

Integrated Consulting Services, LTD

InterDesign, Inc.

Interim HealthCare

Interim Healthcare of Northeast Ohio

Interlake Industries Inc.

International Insurance Group

International Sources, Inc.

Inventive Machine Corporation

Invisible Fence

Irwin and Associates CPA, Inc.

J. R. Holcomb & Co.

J. R. Parsons Co., Inc.

J.E.S. Foods

J.F. Good Co.

J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc.

J.M. Nestor & Associates

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

JM Green CPA Group

John M. Allen Company

John Robert's Spa

Joseph A. Sedlak Management Consultants

JTM Products

Kaeden Books

Kan-Am Tractor & Frame Inc.

Kathryn Lyle CPA

Kay Chemical

Kazmer-Standish Consultants, Inc.


Kiczek Builders, Inc.

King Management Company

King's Medical Group

Kitchen Queen

K-J Fasteners, Inc.

Kleinhenz Jewelers

Klemenc Construction Co. Inc.

Kraft Fluid Systems, Inc.

KSB Management

La France South, Inc.


Lake City Plating

Lake City Plating, Inc.

Lakewood Supply Company

Lamrite, Inc.

Larsen Architects, Inc.

Lawler & Crowley Constructors, LLC

Lawn Lad


Leek Pipe Organ Co.

Lee's Grinding

Leff Electric

Leimkuehler, Inc.

Levin Group

Liberty Auto Wash

Libman, Ryder & Company, Inc.

Lighting Services, Inc.

Litigation Management, Inc.

Luxx Construction LLC

M&T Brothers Corp.

Magic American Corp.

Magnesium Aluminum Corporation

Maid Brite LLC 

Mainline Truck and Trailer Service, Inc.

Maintenance Unlimited, Inc.

Major Legal Services, Inc.

Malco Products, Inc.

Malley's Chocolates

Malone Specialty

Malone Specialty Inc.

Management Planning, Inc.

Manwel Products Inc.

Marbelle Industries Inc.

Marietta College

Martin Enterprises

Martindale Electric Co.

Mathes-Frischman & Associates

Mayfield Collision Centers

MBG  Advisors LLC

McClintock Energy Systems, Inc.

McDonald Equipment Company

McSherry Law

McSteen & Associates Inc.

MDG Flooring America

Meaden & Moore

Meadowlane Farms Store

Medical Records

Medina Auto Parts

Medina Supply Company

Med-XS Solutions, Inc.

Meech Foundry, Inc.

Menyhart Plumbing Supply


Metro Ambulance

Metro Lexus

Metropolitan Gutter Co

Metropolitan Pool Service

Midland Aluminum Corp.

Midland Automotive

Midwest Info Systems

Midwest Technology, Inc.

Mintz Management

Mobius Grey

Molecular Data Corp.

Moore Stephens Apple

Moran Construction Inc.

Moser Bag & Paper Co.

Moskal Gross Orchosky

Mr. Heater Corp.

MT Business Technologies

Multicraft, Inc.

Myers, Roman

Myrick Majeur, Inc.


National Council for Historn Education

Neptune Plumbing & Heating

Neshkin Construction Co.

Nettleton Steel Treating

Neubert Painting, Inc.

Neundorfer, Inc.

New Era Builders

Newman & Company, CPAs

NewMedia, Inc.

Nied Garden Center

Nistar Data Systems, Inc.

Noble-Davis Consulting, Inc.

Norm King Constructions

North American Seal & Supply

North Bay Construction, Inc.

North Coast Tutoring Services, Inc.

Northeast CAD Systems

Northeast Technical Services, Inc.

Northeastern Refrigeration Corporation

Northrich Company

Norton's Restaurant

Nova Care, Inc.

Nowak Construction

NPL Homecare, Inc.

Nutro Corp.

Nutro Machinery Corporation

OEM/Miller Corp.

OGS Industries & Targeting Pro Shop 

Ohio Awning & Manufacturing Co.

Ohio Blow Pipe Co.

Ohio Broach and Machine Co.

Ohio Gratings Inc.

Ohio Metallurgical Service, Inc.

Ohio Moulding Corp.

Ohio Pipe, Valves & Fittings, Inc.

Ohio Sanitary Supply

OMNI Technical Products 

OnSite Waste Management

Optiem LLC - Quest4mation

Original Copy Center, Inc.

Orlando Baking

P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Packaging Specialties, Inc.

Paley Plumbing & Heating

Paragon Data Systems, Inc.

Park Place International

Parkhill Roofing

Parking Systems & Analysis

Paro Services Corp., LTD

Partners LLC

Patterson Associates

Pattison Supply

Peerless Electric 

PEL Supply

Peterson Nut

Petitti Garden Centers

PFI Displays, Inc.

Phillips Healthcare

Phoenix Combustion

Phoenix Products, Inc.


Planned Financial Services

Plating Products & Manufacturing, LLC

Ply-Trim Enterprises

Polychem Spartan Industries

Polykote Inc.

Postle Industries, Inc.

Power Brake Service & Equipment Co., Inc.

Precision Fabricated Ins.

Precision Metalsmiths Inc.

Preferred Roofing of Ohio, Inc.

Prentke Romich Co.

Preserve Electric, LLC

Price for Profit 

Prince & Izant Co.

Private Industry Council

Professional Business Systems

Profile Grinding Inc.

Progress Wire Products, Inc.

Project Packaging, Inc.

ProResource, Inc.

Provide a Ride

PTA Engineering

R. L. Industries, Inc.

R.I.S. Construction

R.L. Morrissey & Associates 

Rampe Manufacturing Company

RAV Financial Services, LLC

Red Seal Electric Co.

Reed Dallman and Associates

Regional Reps Corp.

Reliable Snowplowing Specialists

Residential Safety Services, Inc.

Resource Unlimited

Rice Oil Co., LLC

Richard Fleischman, Architects, Inc.

Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Inc.

Ridge Road Auto Parts

Rimeco Products, Inc.  

RLR Industries, Inc.

RLR Industries/Rainbow Plastics Division

Robbins Industrial Furnace 

Rock Creek Aluminum, Inc.

Rock the House Entertainment

Rockport Ready Mix

Roediger Construction, Inc.

Rose Metal Industries, Inc.

Rosenbaum & Associates

Roth Construction

Rowe & Giles Millwork, Inc.

Royal Chemical Company

RWJ Wiring

S&A Consulting Group LLP

S.S. Kemp & Co.

Sales Concepts, Inc.

Saltz, Shamis & Goldfarb, Inc.

Sammy's - City Life, Inc.

Schabel Products Corp.

Schibley Solvents & Chemicals Co., Inc.

Schneller, Inc.

Seal Supply, Inc.

Sealing Technology

Seaway Bolt & Specials Co.

Serious, Inc.

Service Station Equipment Co.

Shankman & Associates

Sheehan Enterprises, Inc.

Sherbrooke Metals Corp.

Showcase Motors Inc.

Sidari's Italian Foods

Silverman Brothers, Inc.

Singer Steel Co.

Site Illuminations

Skyline Trade Show Marketing

Skyline Trisource

Sly, Inc.

Smith, Condeni & Abel Co., LPA

Software Answers Inc.

Soup To Nuts Catering

Southern Mill Creek Products of Ohio, Inc.

Speed Exterminating Co.

Spero-Smith Investment Advisers, Inc.

SRC - Rossborough Supply Co.

SSECO Solutions

Stack Heating & Cooling 

Stainless Specialties Inc.

Standard Display

Standard Signs

Star Gate Technologies

State Manufacturing

Stern & Company  

Stetler Associates

Stevenson Oil & Chemical

Stork-Herron Testing Laboratories

Stouffer Realty, Inc.

Stumpf Construction

Stylin' Concepts

Summit Landscape

Summit Petroleum, Inc.

Sunshine Industries

Superior Workshop Tool Co.

SureSite Consulting Group, L.L.C.

Surface Materials, Inc.

Sustin, Bartell & Waldman, Ltd.

Swartz Manufacturing

Swiger Coil Systems, Inc.

Sylvester & Co.

Syme, Inc.

Syndicate Management

System Seals, Inc.

Sytek, Inc.

T & K Logistics

T. Medhurst Builders, Inc.

T.C. Service Co.

T.W.M. Enterprises

Tac-Line Inc.

Tank Services

Target Systems, Inc.

Tavens Transportation

Tax Sale Resources

Team Dianetti & Radcom

TEC Communications, Inc.


Technical Metal, Inc.

Telefast Industries  

Telotech, Inc.

Tensile Testing

Terrace Construction Company

Terrell Manufacturing, Inc.

The Allen Pump Company

The Anderson DuBose Company

The Auto Bolt Company

The Chas. E. Phipps Co.

The Cleveland Ignition Co.

The Cleveland Switchboard Co.

The Construction Team, Inc.

The Enterprise Corporation

The Fedeli Group

The Friendly Geeks at Genie Repros, Inc.

The Hillson Nut Company

The Information Specialists

The King Group

The Kite Kompany, Inc.

The Lube Stop, Inc.

The M. F. Cachat Co.

The Middleton Corporation

The Moser Bag & Paper Co.

The Motorcars Group

The MRC Group

The National Rolled Thread Die Co.

The Pattie Group

The PDI Group, Inc.

The Philpott Rubber Co.

The Pipeline Development Company 

The Plumbing Source

The Pontis Group - John Klein Division

The Pre-Check Company

The Pufferbelly Ltd.

The Reserves Network, Inc.

The Robert Darden Co.

The Shelly Company

The Summers Rubber Company

The Trombold Equipment Co.

The Unger Co.-Bakery & Deli Pkgs.

The Vallejo Company

The Whitmer Company

The Window & Door Factory, Inc.

Thermotion Corp.

Thompson Builders, Inc.

Thompson, Hine and Flory

Today's Headlines

Torch Group

Tornado Technologies, Inc.

Transaction Realty

Transat Corp.

Trinity Advisory Services

Trio Products Inc.

Trionix Research Lab, Inc.

Trolley Tours of Cleveland

Troy Innovative Instruments Inc.

TTR Engineers

Tube Craft, Inc.

Tuffy Manufacturing Inc.

Turbonics Inc.

Turfscape, Inc.

Turner Equipment Company


U. S. Communications and Electric Co.

U.S. Cotton, LLC

Ullman Oil

Unicare Corporation

United Readers Service Ltd

United Wireless

Universal Fuller Co.

Universal Hydraulics International Limited

Universal Mortgage Services, Inc.

Universal Oil, Inc.

Universal Therapy Dynamics

Universal Valve & Fittings Co.

US Illuminations

US Refractory Products

USIC Corp.

Val-Pak of West Cleveland

Venture Resources Intl.


Vintage Wine Dist.

Viscus Biologics

Visibility Marketing

Vital Care Products, Inc.

VRC, Inc.

W.M. Wilson Company, Inc.

Wade Dynamics, Inc.

Walsh Manufacturing

Warehouse Cabinets Inc.

Warwick Communications, Inc.

Watterson & Associates, Inc.

Wecall Inc.

Weekley's Mailing Service

Weiler Wilhelm Window & Door Co.

Welker-McKee Supply Co.

Wendell August Gift Shoppe & Forge

West Park Packaging, Inc.

Western Reserve Indl. Sales

Westlake Metal Industries

Westropp Building Co., Inc.

Wetzler Studios, Inc.

What's Up

Williams Trucking, Inc.

Wilton Tool Group

Wood Concepts, Inc.

Wood Dimensions, Inc.

Woodpeckers, Inc.

World Shipping, Inc.

Wyatt Sales

Young Chemical Company

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Zagar, Inc.

Zarlenga Industries

Zellmer & Gruber

ZMD Mold & Die Company

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