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I’ve been consulting with and advising entrepreneurs/small business owners for over 45 years. In my experience, the most troublesome job to fill is the technical salesperson position. That does not mean there aren’t other positions that are hard to find competent skill...

If you read my prior blog relating to the same subject, but directed at Sales positions, you will no doubt recognize that a fair amount of what was said about getting the right sales people on your bus also applies to other positions. The sad fact is that most small bu...

If you have been reading this series of blogs, you already know the previous two blogs were concerned with hiring for some specific positions. This blog extends that more generically, but with much the same set of rules.

A Story

I had a long term consulting assignment wi...

May 24, 2018

I took the Strategic Planning Course in 2005/06; the impact on my company was immediate and dramatic. Over the next 6 years our sales doubled and our profit levels more than doubled. The course was exactly what I needed to help me understand the unique value that we of...

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